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CNY DIY Project

Hi all! It has been awhile since I last updated my blog.  There were so many public holidays and celebrations in the past few months. There are usually lesser orders received by Modern Munchkins during public holidays compared to normal working days since there was no courier services during this period of time. With a little more free time, I had kept myself busy with a few simple sewing projects that I can’t wait to share with you :)

(1) CNY Tote Bag

Tote bag is one of the easiest project for sewing beginners like me… I have made plenty of these bag using all the red fabric that I bought for this CNY (Chinese New Year) project.

I was Chinese educated but ironically I had only learned about all the Chinese traditions & customs from my hubby who’s a so-called ‘banana’ after I married him. According to him, we must always bring a bag full of mandarin oranges & goodies when we visits the others during CNY.

To add a little personal touch, I had made a few simple red tote bag to carry all the CNY stuffs to be given to friends & family who has invited us for their open house. Also attach the little ornaments that I bought from Jusco to the bags :)

There are plenty of tutorials that you could find online on how to make a tote bag… just give it a try!

(2) Passportholder

While I still have the sewing mood, I had made these passport holders for my girl friends… also placed the ang pow packet inside to be given to those who were still single. Note that I have also personalised each passport holder with their name at the right bottom corner :)

Ang Pow cum Passport holder

Passport cum Ang Pow Holder

Passport holder stack with different fabric design

(3) Buttercup Bag

Found the free pattern for this cute Buttercup Bag from made by Rae’s blog. I had always wanted to sew this but couldn’t find time to do so. Finally got to try this pattern out during CNY & I used the coordinating red fabrics to make the Buttercup Bag below for my sister in law.

That’s all I had made during CNY. Not sure when would be the time when I would feel crafty again… I hope soon as these handmade stuffs make me feel so happy just by looking at it :)

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Wedding Money Box

Awhile ago, I was given the task by a girl friend to make her wedding ‘ang pow’ box (i.e. money box). As she wanted to have the money box kept in the safe before the wedding begins, I had to ensure that the box I chose could fit in the safe by getting the safe measurement before I started this DIY project.

Wedding ang pow money box

I managed to find this box that could fit in the safe from a gift shop. The wedding theme colour is pink and green, so I had used this green polka dots paper to decorate the box.

However, I thought the box looks kinda ‘boring’ for a wedding dinner. So I rummaged through my house & recycled 2 additional boxes by wrapping them up in papers that suit the wedding theme colour.

The 2nd tier of the ang pow box

The 2nd tier of the ang pow box

Top tier of the ang pow box

Top tier of the ang pow box

Ang Pow Box on the Wedding Reception Table

Ang Pow Box on the Wedding Reception Table

At least it looks more presentable with 3-tiers of boxes. My friend could also just dispose of the top 2 boxes and kept the bottom box with ang pows in the safe… just had to make sure that whoever taking charge of the box does not threw away the wrong box :)

Another bride-to-be saw the above box and asked if I could make one similar “ang pow” box for her. No particular theme or request, so I just remake another one with the existing wrapping papers that I had…

ang pow box
“Ang Pow” Box Remake

Hope you like the above idea and try it out for your own or friend’s wedding…

I would be glad if you could share photos of the boxes that you made….

Till next time!

My Little Assistant


I am getting so forgetful these days… getting old… But lucky me, I have my little personal assistant to remind me on my daily schedule :)

It’s now school holiday, so I would bring my kids wherever I go (if possible). Every morning I would bring my kids to the post office and my daughter would ‘help’ me post the items. Before leaving home yesterday, my 3-years old daughter asked if I had brought my handphone. When I checked my handbag, true enough… I forgot to bring it along & left it on the dining table!

When we arrived at the post office, as I was shutting the car door, my daughter shouted : “Mommy, I wanna help carry your customers’ things!” Oops… it was then I realised that I totally forgotten about the parcels at the back seat of my car…

My little girl is growing up so fast…

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My Daughter’s Princess Party has been Featured!

princess party featured in mygrafico partyblogJust a short post to inform that my little girl’s Princess Party has been featured in MyGrafico Party Blog! Thanks Judy for sharing my blog post with your readers :)

Mygrafico Partyblog Princess Party Feature

By the way, I have also just realised their blog theme colours are the same as my daughter’s princess party! ;)

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“Thank You” Giveaways – Part I

Tis’ the season to be jolly, fa la la la la la la la la…

Aren’t you in a holiday mood already? :) I for one am looking forward to the year end holidays and celebrations with my family and friends… and I am also in the mood now to give out freebies to our loyal customers :)

Today, I am so happy to note that the number of our Facebook page fans has just surpassed 8000 fans. We have managed to achieve this in just a short period of 6 months from the time the business was set up.

Modern Munchkins Facebook page

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all Modern Munchkins’ customers for their support.

The first items that I would like to give away is this Playskool’s hardboard storybook “Welcome to Weebalot” (not for sale). I have 4 books to be given away and the pictures of the book are as below:-

Free Story Book Giveaway
Free Story Book Giveaway
Free children story book giveaway

Small board book (measuring 10cm x 15cm)

This time round, we would like give the freebies away to the 4 customers who have shared the pictures of their little precious modeling in Modern Munchkins‘ clothing. Below are the photos that they have so kindly shared with us… aren’t they cute?! The small gift above is a small token of appreciation from us and I truly hope their little models would like it.

Modern Munchkins little model baby clothing

Modern Munchkin No. 1 - in a Black Printed Suit Romper

baby clothing customers

Modern Munchkin No. 2 - in the Yellow Polka Dots beanie


Modern Munchkin No. 3 - in the Grey Flower Beanie

Modern Munchkin No. 4 - in the White Printed Suit Romper

Modern Munchkin No. 4

Modern Munchkin No. 4 - in the Eiffel Tower Romper

Modern Munchkin No. 5 - in Moo Cow Costume Romper

I just love to see all these pictures shared by customers… it would never fail to make my day & put a big smile on my face whenever I see these cuties dressing up in Modern Munchkins‘ outfit. A big THANK YOU again to all of you!

To the mommies/ daddies of the little munchkins above, could you please also reconfirm to me either by FB, email or SMS if it’s okay to send the the story book to your last shipping address in our records. Will send out the items once we have received the confirmation from you to ensure that the item reach you without delay.

There will more giveaways in the month of Dec’2011… so stay tuned!

Princess Theme Birthday Party


My little princess has just turned 3! It’s so hard to believe that my daughter is 3 years old already. It seems like yesterday I was at the hospital giving birth and holding her in my arms…

Every little girl dreams of being a princess and when my daughter requested for a princess birthday party, I was determined to make her day unforgettably special by using the party ideas that I am about to share in this post. It’s also the perfect opportunity for me to get a little girly and unleash my creativity :)

I started with planning & preparation for the party 3 months ahead. All the time and effort spent on the party DIY projects became worthwhile when I saw my little princess and her friends having so much fun at the party.  Everything went well, the photographer was great, caterer & their waiters were very helpful, the food was good… It was a magical and lovely princess themed party with shades of light blue and pink popping out everywhere. The only complaint I had was the windy & rainy weather which is beyond our control. The party was held indoor at a cafe so it was still okay, just that it may be inconvenient for the guests to travel on such rainy day.

1.      The Perfect Princess Dress

Ok, let’s start off with finding that perfect princess dress or outfit befitting of her royal status. Not too difficult a task for me since I’m in kids’ clothing business. After searching for days, I have shortlisted a few and finally decided to choose the long princess gown below (of course after getting the princess’ prior approval)…

Princess Dress

Both my daughter and I are happy with our choice of her princess dress... Still looks good even after being washed

It’s an A-line ball gown, with a beaded bodice that would give my little girl a more glamorous princess look.

princess dress with 5 inner layers

The dress has 5 inner layers

A princess can’t go without her tiara! This is what I have chosen for her…

Princess Tiara

Princess Tiara

Princess Tiara

The real thing actually looks so much better than the photo

I can tell that she love both her dress and tiara very much! However, I think the dress will be up for sale on Modern Munchkins online store under Pre-Loved categories very soon as I doubt she would have many chances to wear this in the near future…. If you are interested to buy this worn-only-once dress for your little princess, do visit Modern Munchkins online store regularly for updates or you could drop me an email for further details :)

2.      Invitation Card, Party Favors & Other Party Decorations

There is a huge array of princess invitations that can be found in almost any stationary or party shop since princess themed birthday parties are so popular these days. But I wanted something different from those commonly found in the party shops… After some research on the internet, I have found the princess theme party DIY printables from that are quite reasonably priced compared to other online shop. They have printables of various designs that are perfect for adorning cupcakes, napkins, straws, beverages, favors and food or drink areas. All I did was just purchased the designs online and have them printed out using my colour printer.

Checkout the pictures of the DIY party invitation cards, flags, collage, party hats etc that I have created using the printable designs that I have purchased from mygrafico.

Princess Party Invitation & RSVP Cards

Princess Party Invitation & RSVP Cards

DIY Party Decorations and Printables

DIY party printables (i.e. the pennants, flags, labels, party hats etc) that I purchased from mygrafico

Water bottle printables from mygrafico

Water bottle printables from mygrafico

Printable gift box

Printable gift box (with neck tie in each box as favors for the prince)

Printed Party Flags

Printed Party Flags on Marshmallows

Party Collage

Welcome Party Collage... Oops can't really see my DIY flowers.


Party hats

Party hats

5. Party Favors for the Princes, Knights & Princesses

As there would be little boys attending the party, I have to prepare favors and games that are not only suitable for the girls only. Therefore, I have made tunics for the boys and tutu skirts for the girls. The tunics were all handmade, it’s not perfect but one of the guests said it’s nice as the flaws gives them ‘character’ :) Got the ideas by following the easy tutorials by a stay-at-home-mom Cheryl in her blog… Checkout her blog Crack of Dawn Crafts if you are planning to make these cute favors for your kid’s party. Her step-by-step guide and free pattern really helps a lot!

Tunics and tutu skirts as party favors for the kids

Tunics and tutu skirts as party favors for the girls

As for the tutu skirts, Modern Munchkins has ‘sponsored’ the purchase from wholesaler and were given away to each princesses as party favors. However, lesser girls have attended the party and therefore I’m still left with quite a number of tutus in various sizes.  Will be giving them away to Modern Munchkins’ fans and customers… so stay tuned and check out our website, Facebook fan page and this blog as often as you can! :)

The little knights and princesses looks so cute in their tunics and tutus but I can’t share the pictures here as I haven’t asked for their parents permission yet.

I have also made these personalised reversible bag for the little guests to carry all their party favors and gifts collected throughout the party.

Reusable and reversible bags to carry their favors

Personalised Reusable and reversible bags to carry their favors


Each boy was given a sword in their quest to save the princess!

4.      Party Games

There are plenty of party games ideas that you can find on the internet. As my daughter’s friends are mostly between 2 to  4 years old, I had to choose games that are simple and not too complicated kids of this age group to participate.

To keep my princess and her royal court entertained throughout the party, the games I have prepared are as below :-

~  Find the King’s Treasure

After following a few clues, they had finally found the treasure!

Treasures includes 3D castle puzzles and party packs with crowns, balloons, chocolates etc

There were 2 castle designs that were given away. One of them would looks like the picture below after being constructed:-

Castle 3D Puzzle

Castle 3D Puzzle

~ Slay the Dragons

"Slay the Dragons" Game

"Slay the Dragons" Game

The kids are supposed to hit the dragons with small bean bag

The kids are supposed to hit the "dragons" with a small bean bag. Those who successfully "killed" a dragon would get a reward i.e. 2D foam sticker puzzle

~ Kiss the Frog


Kiss the Frog game

Kiss the Frog game


After the frog is being kissed by blindfolded princesses...

You can get the “Kiss the Frog” printable here.

5.      The Birthday Cake

Most bakeries should have no trouble making your child an amazing princess cake, but I have decided to order the cake from the same baker, Shing who previously baked for my son’ s birthday as I am confident that she would create something really nice for my daughter.

As per my request, she had baked me a cake which is not too big and not too sweet… it’s perfect!

The Princess Cake

The Pink Princess Cake, as per my daughter's request

Princess dress and adult tutu skirt

I also got myself a big tutu skirt for the party (to fulfill my own princess dream too hehe) :)

Phew! What a day and such a long blog post to share! Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy planning for the party.

One Korean mom who walked pass and asked if I am a party planner when I was setting up the decorations as she is looking for one to plan for her daughter’s party. Well, even though this is my interest but I have not thought of making a business out of it for now. But do write to me if need my help to source for any of the party stuffs mentioned above. Who knows, Modern Munchkins may branch out into party planning business… hehe

Dressing Up with Modern Munchkins

Further to my previous post on Choosing the Right Size for Your Kids, I am going to share with you more clothing pictures from Modern Munchkins and the sizes that I have chosen my little models in this article.

One of the casual wear that I have recently added to my little princess’ wardrobe is the “My Heart Belongs to Daddy” t-shirt as I know she would definitely melt her daddy’s heart wearing it (actually she never fails to melt her daddy’s heart even without the t-shirt) :)

The t-shirt below has already been sold out but it was previously available for sale on Modern Munchkins online store.

cute and sweet jumping beans t-shirt for girls

For t-shirts, I prefer to choose 2 sizes bigger for my kids. Unlike dresses, the t-shirts doesn’t really have to be body fitting as it’s kinda cute to see kids in oversized t-shirts and furthermore they would not outgrow them too soon.

Her profile:-

Age: 3 years old

Height: 100cm

Weight 15kg

Size of t-shirt: 5T

I think the t-shirt fits her comfortably well at size 5T.

Below are the actual photos of my model in the t-shirt taken at the beach side on a HOT sunny day!

The sunglasses & sun block may not sufficient to protect herself from the hot sun, and a big sunhat is another must-have while she explored the beach under the hot weather. The Pink Flower Polka Dots Sunhat below is perfect for her as it’s cute and stylish with her favorite colour pink.  She looks so cool when she walked around wearing the sunhat together with her sunnies :)

pink flower polka dots sunhat for little girls

My little model in the stylish sunhat :-

Pink Sunhat for girls pretty pink polka dots sunhat for little girls

As for my boy, I have chosen some t-shirts set and rompers that are 2 sizes bigger than his current age.

Weight: 10.5kg

Height:  76cm

Sizes of t-shirt/ romper : 3T or 90 – 95cm

For the Yellow Monkey T-shirt, Pants & Shorts 3pcs set, I have chosen size 3T for him. It fits him just nice but I think I should have chosen size 4T for him as I prefer their clothing to be loose fitting…

Below are actual photos taken of the little monkey in his new t-shirt and shorts :-

For the rompers below, I have chosen size 95cm respectively for the little boy.

Lime Green Romper for boys

As you can see from the picture below, it’s slightly loose but I don’t find it being oversized for him. He can moves, run, crawl around comfortably and it is more worthwhile to buy bigger size as I think he would still be able to wear this romper until he’s 2 or 3 years old!

For the pyjamas set, it’s also advisable to buy at least 2 sizes bigger than your child’s age.

Below are the pictures of my 14 months old in a size 3T pyjamas set…

In conclusion, it is always safer to buy clothing that are 2 sizes bigger for your child for t-shirts, rompers and pyjamas. I hope you find this article helpful in choosing the right clothing size for your kids, especially for those who are new to online shopping.  Please visit us regularly for more updates or new arrivals at or our Facebook fan page.

Happy shopping!

Please feel free to contact me at 017-6332779 or if you encounter any problem or have any queries with regards to shopping with Modern Munchkins.



Elmer the Patchwork Elephant Themed Party

If you have been following my blog, you may have noticed that I love everything that has got to do with kids! Yes, I love kids party and crafts too… and this post would be about a little girl’s 3rd birthday party which was held not too long ago.

Not a typical birthday party with commercialised cartoon character… but a character from a children book “Elmer the Patchwork Elephant”. This is the first time Elmer the Elephant was introduced to my daughter and since then she has been calling all elephants Elmer :)

Since I’m not very good with words, I will just post some pictures taken during the parties to show how much fun the kids had as pictures paints a thousand words :)

birthday party venue

The cafe is a kids-friendly place for parties

The cafe has lots of toys to keep the kids occupied

Party packs for the kids


Kids party activities

Activities planned for the kids includes face painting, story telling, doing arts and crafts

Arts and crafts time - the kids making Elmer the Elephant

Arts and crafts time - the kids making Elmer the Elephant using paper plates & coloured papers

Arts and crafts time!

The kids adding colours to Elmer the Elephant

The guests gathering for cake cutting ceremony

Elmer & his friends' Cupcakes

Elmer's Birthday Cake

My daughter seems very interested in the story, will see if I can get the story book from the book store for her :) Meanwhile I have been showing her the video below while we were at home :)


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Disney Themed Birthday Party

My weekends were used to be packed with wedding dinners and gathering with friends… I know I am on another phase of my life when my weekends these days are filled with kids’ birthday party instead of wedding dinners :)

I love kids’ party. I guess it’s because it makes me feel like a kid again :D It never fail to amaze me how fast the kids have grown whenever I attended their parties.

Last weekend we attended a Disney themed party (birthday cum housewarming). I was glad that I get to help a little by making some Disney signboards for the party:-

We went to the host’s new house half an hour earlier to put up the Disney signages. However, the house was so beautifully decorated with European design ornaments and furniture which make the signboards not noticeable at all.. haha. Anyhow, just to share with you all the Disneyland signs:-

Disney Liberty Square signage

Liberty Square signage being put up at the house

The Main Street (which is the buffet area)


The signage for Main Street is 2-sided

Frontierland - the garden area

Fantasy Land - the play area with lots of balloons

There were also background Disney songs and music being played throughout the party. All these made us feel as if we were all in the magical kingdom of Disneyland… Here are more pictures taken during the party:-

Balloons for the birthday princess

Mickey Mouse and friends balloons

Mickey Mouse & friends balloons... my daughter was jumping with joy when she saw this!

Birthday party balloons

... and more balloons!


birthday party favors

Party favors for the kids...

Party favors for the princesses

Disney party lunch box

Party lunch pack for the little guests

Disney theme water bottle

Disney theme water bottles

If you read my earlier post on my son’s Angry Birds birthday party, you can email me at to request for the water bottle template, after you have ‘liked’ our Facebook page, register yourself at our website and follow our blog… Hope that’s not too much to ask :)

Mickey Mouse Lollipops

Mickey Mouse Lollipops

It’s then cake cutting time! A birthday party is not complete without a birthday cake… So here’s the Snow White princess mango cake. Very delicious cake with mango fillings. I’m contemplating ordering it for my daughter’s coming birthday too! :)

Snow White princess cake

Last but not least, would like to thank the hosts again for their invitation and hospitality… May your new home be filled with laughter and love!

Angry Birds Themed Birthday Party

Party time!

One customer asked me why there haven’t been many new products being uploaded on Modern Munchkins’ Facebook page recently.

Also can’t remember when was the last time I updated this blog… I have been so bogged down with :-

… my kids who had been sick for almost a month!

… AND the preparation of my boy’s 1st birthday party!

Yes, my little prince has just turned ONE!

I wasn’t sure what theme I should choose for his 1st birthday party as he did not have any favorite cartoon character yet… His favorite ‘toy’ seems to be the remote controls, laptops and any devices with buttons.  I’d decided to go with “Angry Birds” theme since both the kids & adults these days are crazy over the iPhone game!

So here’s my to-do list that I prepared before the party (but only managed to complete the tasks partially) :-

1. Angry Birds Pinata

- started working on the project with my 2+ years old daughter 2 weeks beforehand by spending approx. 1-2 hours per day. It’s such a tedious & messy affair but we had fun too! :) I would like to thank mommy Khay Mun who shared the process of making an Angry Bird pinata in her blog here. Well, my pinata is not as nice as the one she made (I’m blaming it on the paint quality that I bought on the last minute :p), but overall I’m still quite satisfied with the outcome & it was a hit with the kids during the party!

DIY Red Angry Bird Pinata

DIY Red Angry Bird Pinata

Blue Angry Bird Pinata

The other smaller Blue Angry Bird pinata that we made before we started on the Red Angry Bird pinata project...


2. Angry Birds Birthday Cake & Cupcakes

- I always buy rather than bake a birthday cake myself as I prefer not to stress myself out with tasks that can only be done a day before the event. And most importantly, I don’t have the skill to bake a presentable and/or edible cake yet… haha

Here are the cake & cupcakes that I have ordered :-

Angry Bird Cake
Angry Bird Cupcakes
Ordered some cupcakes too as as they are easier for the kids to serve themselves with…

3. Angry Birds Balloons

- I planned to have DIY angry birds balloons for the party by using the free templates here, but I was just too busy coordinating for the party that I didn’t have time to even make one Angry Bird balloon before the party started . I should have made some using non-helium balloons a day before the party.

Colourful balloons

Colourful Helium Balloons

These are how the balloons should look like after the printable templates are glued to them :-

Angry birds balloons

4. Angry Birds Fleece Hat

Yes, I also made angry bird fleece hats for the kids too… Not as difficult as I thought, it’s just very time consuming to make 30 over hats for the little guests! Will probably prepare a tutorial soon on how to make these cute hats for your little ones :)

Angry Birds Fleece Hats

DIY Angry Birds Fleece Hats

5. Angry Birds Personalised Bottle Labels

I had also replaced the mineral water bottles’ labels with my own personalised & printed labels.  If you would like to have the softcopy template for your kids’ party, all you need to do is just be a follower of this blog,  register yourself on our website here and “like” our Facebook fan page here, and then email your request to me at You can always amend the template to suit your party theme. Note that these are only for personal use ya…

Angry Birds Personalised Bottle Label

Angry Birds Personalised Bottle Label

6. Angry Birds Straws

Angry Birds Straws

Angry Birds Straws

7. Angry Birds Party Packs

All these paper bags are handmade, with the the angry birds balloons free template being glued to the party packs.

Blue Angry Birds Party Pack

Blue Angry Birds Party Pack

8. Angry Birds Family T-shirts

Last but not least,  to dress up in our family t-shirts & attend the party!

angry birds family t-shirts
Angry Birds Family T-shirts

Angry Happy Family :)