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Sewing Project #4 – Kid’s Apron

My daughter loves to bake. We already had a few baking sessions & lots of fun together, except that I have to wash her hands like hundred times in the process of baking a cake. This is the reason why I’m making an apron to keep herself clean & keep myself sane while she ‘bake’… It will also be good for her arts & crafts session.

Checkout her new apron below! It’s so easy to make & I’ll share with you the video tutorial that I’ve found on the net shortly… If a sewing newbie like me can make one, anyone in the world could also do it. All you need is just a tea towel & your usual sewing tools.

Cut off the top 2 corners of the tea towel. For my 2+ years old toddler, the tea towel was cut into the size of approx. 20 x 12 inches. Adjust the height & width of the apron to fit your child accordingly... Do not throw away the excess fabric as it could be used to make the strap and pocket...

I used the excess fabric for the apron's pocket


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Sewing the strap

Ta da!

kids apron, toddler's apron, kid's apron

My daughter trying out the apron before I sewn a pocket on it

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My lil' helper in action...

My daughter loves it so much that she refused to take it off until many hours later!

kids apron, toddler's apron, cute apron, small apron

It's so easy to make! Give it a try!

As promised, here’s the video tutorial that I have found on YouTube :-

Hope you find the tutorials useful!

Now, I have 2 extra tea towels that I would like to giveaway for FREE to Modern Munchkins’ customers and/ or Facebook fans! :) Initially my plan was to make additional 2 aprons to giveaway but couldn’t find time to do so. Instead, I’m giving away the tea towels to the first 2 fans who “purchased” the item for FREE HERE.

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